TTIM 69 – Steve Simon the Passionate Photographer

Steve Simon

Our guest for this week is Steve Simon.

Steve has been passionate about documenting the beauty and drama of the human condition his entire photographic life, working on assignment in more than 40 countries. He is the author of five critically acclaimed photography books, including The Passionate Photographer: Ten Steps Toward Becoming Great, which was chosen as one of Amazon’s Top 10 Art & Photography Books of 2011. He has had solo shows in New York, Buenos Aires, Toronto, and Montreal, and his work has been featured three times at the Visa pour l’Image International Festival of Photojournalism in Perpignan, France. He is on the faculty of International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York and created the Editorial Photography course in the School of Visual Arts master’s program. His international awards include the Art Director’s Club of New York Award, Canadian Newspaper Photographer of the Year, Global Health Council Photography Award for his work on AIDS in Africa, an Alfred Eisenstaedt Magazine Photography Award Nomination, and the Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3). He has lead workshops all over the world, including Mentor Series, Macworld, PhotoPlus Expo, Nikonians, and Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai.

Duration 46m 29s.


TTIM 68 – Dave Bouskill and The Planet D

Dave BouskillOur guest for this week is Dave Bouskill, one half of the Dave and Deb couple who runs The Planet D. Dave and Deb have been married for over 20 years now, and when they’re not on the road, they’re based in Toronto, Canada.  They started off in the film industry as a gaffer and makeup artist, respectively, but knew there was more to life than 16 hour days working for someone else.

Dave was honoured to win the 2014 and 2015 award for Best Photo Illustration of Travel and 2013 Best Wildlife Photography from the Society of American Travel Writers.

He’s travelled to 100+ countries on all seven continents and has taken on adventures such as cycling down the continent of Africa, Driving from England to Mongolia and Kayaking in Antarctica.

Dave found his passion for photography working on feature films such as X-Men and The Incredible Hulk and has taken his knowledge of lighting movies to create texture, mood and contrast in his stills photography.

Duration 31m 56s.


TTIM 67 – QT Luong and the National Parks

QT LuongQT Luong is a photographer and author known for being the first to photograph all 59 US National Parks —in large format. He is featured in the film The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, by Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan, and has been profiled in National Geographic Explorer, Outdoor Photographer, and Parks magazines.

His photographs, which are the subject of three previous books, have appeared in Time, Life, Outside, Scientific American, GEO, numerous National Geographic publications, and hundreds of others worldwide. Luong’s limited-edition prints are widely collected, and his on-going traveling exhibition of large prints from all the national parks has shown in museums and galleries nationwide. He lives in San Jose, California, with his wife and two children.

Born in France, from Vietnamese parents, QT was originally trained as a scientist and made a few fundamental contributions to the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing. In the mid eighties, his life was transformed by the wilderness of mountains. As a climber, and then mountain guide, he was initially interested in photography as a means to communicate to people who weren’t there the wonders he had seen on the high peaks of the Alps.

In 1993, another turning point happened. Attracted by the proximity of Yosemite – and its famous cliffs – QT found his way to the University of California, Berkeley for what was originally planned as a short stay. There, inspired by the rich tradition of American landscape photography, he learned to use the large format camera.

To celebrate the National Park Service Centennial in 2016, he released his signature book Treasured Lands: A Photographic Odyssey through America’s National Parks,

As a present for listeners of The Traveling Image Makers and for a limited time, QT Luong is offering a 15% discount on all purchases of the book (signed and limited editions) made from his website. To avail yourself of this possibility, head to the order page and input coupon code TTIM at checkout.

Duration 46m 28s.


TTIM 66 – David duChemin and the Soul of the Camera

David duChemin

We’ve been following David duChemin‘s work for a long time (Ugo actually owns three of his books) so we’re not exaggerating when we say that he’s one of our photographic heroes. He is a constant source of inspiration and his writing invariably compels us to look at what we’re doing with a critical eye and go beyond our tendency to simply take pretty pictures and strive to take image with meaning. It was therefore a great pleasure and honor to have him as a guest on the show.

David duChemin is a world & humanitarian photographer, best-selling author and lecturer on the art and craft of photography, and the accidental founder of Craft & Vision. His work focuses on the beauty of cultural diversity and the natural world has taken him to over 50 countries across all seven continents.

Duration 47m 04s.


TTIM 65 – Susan Portnoy in Mongolia

Susan PortnoyOur guest for this week is Susan Portnoy, who let us know everything about her recent trip to Mongolia, how it’s like to take part in a Kazakh wedding and how you can dance non-stop for 8 hours.

Susan is the creator of The Insatiable Traveler, a blog celebrating world travel and her adventures at home in New York City. Her work includes award-winning photography and original storytelling, in addition to photography and travel advice. Her images and tales transport, immerse and excite readers, inspiring them to seek adventure and connect with the people and places they visit.

The Insatiable Traveler has been featured in The Associated Press, Mashable, Travelpulse, Travel Babbo, Luxury Travel Blog, USA Today, and Yahoo! Travel, among others, and was recently named one of Discover Corp’s “17 Top Travel Blogs to Follow in 2017.”

Duration 35m 45s.


TTIM 64 – Ibarionex Perello on Staying “In the Zone”

Ibarionex Perello

In this week’s episode we interview our long time friend, Ibarionex Perello.

Ibarionex is a photographer, writer and producer/host of The Candid Frame podcast, an interview show which features conversations with some of the world’s best established and emerging photographers. The show has featured hundreds of photographers including Mary Ellen Mark, Dan Winters, Eli Reed, Elliott Erwitt and Joel Meyerowitz.

Ibarionex has authored hundreds of magazines articles and over 5 books, including Chasing the Lighting: Improving Your Photography with Available Light.

He lives near Los Angeles with his wife and his dogs Spenser and Zooey.

Our conversation revolved around the importance of being focused and present at all time, which is a very important factor of making good and interesting travel and street photography. Ibarionex explained the practices he uses to stay “in the zone” and alert when he’s out shooting and his techniques for photographing people in the street.

Duration 39m 58s.


TTIM 63 – Expert Roundup #3: Newbie Mistakes

TTIM Expert Roundup 3 – Newbie Mistakes
This week’s edition of the podcast is a bit special. Unlike our typical episode, where we have a conversation with a guest, what we’ve done this time is to contact some of our previous guests and ask them one question. We’ve already done this twice in the past, when we published our “expert roundups” but this time we’ve also asked them to record their answer, so you can hear it in their own voice.

The question we asked was the following:

What is one thing you know now about photography that you wish you had known when you started out in your career as a photographer?

We received and collected answers from 18 of our guests, so there’s a lot of information here for you to consume. They shared some great stories and we hope that listening to them will better equip everyone who wants to take up photography a little bit more seriously to avoid some mistakes at the beginning of their journey.

We also have a transcript of all the answers, that you can find below the fold, if you’d rather read them than listen.

Stay tuned for more expert roundups coming soon.

Duration 50m 0s.


TTIM 62 – Rosh Sillars on Photography Business and Marketing

Rosh SillarsToday we present you an interview with our friend and fellow photographer Rosh Sillars.  Rosh is the founder and host of the Photography Business and Marketing podcast, a really great show about how creatives of all types, including us photographers, can more effectively market ourselves.  Not only that, Rosh is an expert at optimizing social media channels, so we spent some time talking to him about the best way to do that.

He also co-authored, along with photographer Lindsay Adler, The Linked Photographers’ Guide to Online Marketing and Social Media, as well as One Hour Photographer, both of which are available on Amazon.


Duration 38m 42s.


TTIM 61 – 2016, Year in Review

Ralph Velasco and Ugo Cei

This is special episode, for which we have no guests. It’s just Ralph and Ugo catching up with all that’s been happening in 2016, travel and photography wise, and talking about what’s to come in 2017.

We have some colorful stories to tell about our respective travels and some interesting announcements about what’s coming up, so be sure to give this one an attentive listen. We will resume interviewing great guests next week as usual.

Duration 35m 33s.


TTIM 60 – Chris Smith Goes Out Of Chicago

Chris Smith

We are incredibly happy to have our good friend Chris Smith on the show this week.

Chris is the founder of Out of Chicago Photography. Each summer The Out of Chicago Photography Conference attracts some of the world’s greatest photographers from around the globe for an amazing weekend of photography. In 2017 they are also taking the conference on the road to Acadia National Park to bring the Out of Chicago experience to the world of landscape photographers.

Chris is also the author of The Photographer’s Guide to Chicago and host of the Out of Chicago Photography Podcast. Chris specializes in photographing the city of Chicago at night.

Ugo will be presenting two talks and leading a photowalk at the Out of Chicago Summer conference from June 23rd to 25th, 2017. That would be a wonderful opportunity to meet in person. All listeners to the TTIM podcast can get a ticket to any of the Out of Chicago 2017 events (Winter, Summer, and Acadia) at the same price as the Early Bird attendees by using the TTIM coupon code at checkout.

Duration 38m 17s.