TTIM 98 – Scott Wyden Kivowitz and WordPress for Travel Photographers

Scott Wyden KivowitzScott Wyden Kivowitz is the Chief Community Officer at Imagely, a blogger, photographer, father, and educator. Scott is also the author of many eBooks on the topics of long exposures, street photography and panoramic photography. Scott is commonly offering cake smash sessions, family portraits and headshots for his clients, but enjoys traveling and capturing the beauty of the world with his camera.

Scott can be found teaching photographers about WordPress on the Imagely website, on Facebook, on his website and other venues like Digital Photography School. He also has the pleasure of working with photographers on their creativity as an Artisan in Residence at The Photo Frontier.

Scott believes in sharing his knowledge any way possible and educating without fluff, in a straight to the point easy to understand style.

We tested Scott’s extensive knowledge of WordPress and of web content management with questions such as:

  • What exactly is WordPress?
  • Is it really free?
  • What is the difference between and
  • What benefits does it give to photographers?
  • Do you really need to be a developer to build your site on WordPress?
  • What features should a photographer look for, when selecting a WordPress theme?
  • What’s the most frequent question you get asked as a WordPress expert?
  • What would be the easiest way to keep my website updated and to share pictures while I’m on the go?

Needless to say, his answers didn’t disappoint. So, if you are a photographer who is willing to take his website to the next level, we suggest you give this episode a listen.

Duration 42m 05s.


TTIM 97 – Griffin Stewart and The 5 Day Deal

Griffin Stewart

Every year, gives photographers the possibility of acquiring a fantastic bundle of educational videos, books, and other resources at a deeply discounted price. 10% of all sales are then distributed to various charities and the program is so successful that they have already contributed $1.1M to those in need.

We wanted to talk about this with Griffin Stewart,the founder of Griffin is also an award winning landscape & travel photographer who has worked with the BBC and has been featured by National Geographic and published by Ripley’s Publishing UK, The Royal Air Cadets and more. He has visited more than 60 countries.

The Complete Photography Bundle V will be available starting October 13, but starting today you can contribute to spreading the word. By doing so, you also get a chance to win over $10,000 in prizes.

Enter the giveaway by clicking on the image below and share it as much as you can. The more you share, the more chances you have!

Duration 38m 31s.


TTIM 96 – Peter DeMarco in Asia

Pete DeMarcoWe had a great conversation about travel and photography this week with our guest, Peter DeMarco.

Peter is an award-winning travel photographer. His passion for helping people transform their photography shows through in the expert advice he shares. His work has been featured in National Geographic Traveler, CNN, and Digital Photography School amongst others.

Here are some of the topics we covered during the interview:

  • Why is Penang, Malaysia, such a great place to live for expats?
  • Favorite Asian countries.
  • Why is originality overrated?
  • What is the Helsinki Bus Station and why it is important for photographers?
  • What is the best photography project idea ever?
  • Doing the sh*t you love.
  • What would the Pete DeMarco of today tell his self of 10 or 20 years ago?

Duration 41m 41s.


TTIM 95 – Marc Silber, Advancing Your Photography

Marc Silber

Our guest for this week’s episode of the podcast is Marc Silber. Marc recently released a new book that is aimed at beginning and aspiring photographers who want to learn tips and techniques for digital photography, in order to improve their skills and enter the “circle of photography”. You will have to listen to the interview to know what Marc means by that.

Marc is an author, photographer, filmmaker,and producer of the very popular YouTube series Advancing Your Photography, where he has interviewed scores of some of the biggest names in photography. 

He started out learning darkroom skills and the basics of photography at the legendary Peninsula School in Menlo Park, CA, in the ’60s, and moved on to hone his skills to professional standards at the famed San Francisco Art Institute. Marc moved into teaching photography in workshops all over the country, he became renowned as an engaging and helpful speaker and coach, as his greatest joy comes from helping others. 

He loves adventure and you’ll find him out backpacking surfing or snowboarding, or maybe just chilling, taking a walk through Carmel with his wife and Golden Retriever.

Duration 37m 12s.


TTIM 94 – Tom Curley in Vietnam

Tom CurleyOn this week’s episode of the podcast, Ralph interviews Tom Curley and they talk about a country they both know very well: Vietnam. If you are curious about a country that is quickly opening up to worldwide tourism, but remains a mystery to many, their conversation will answer many of your questions.

Tom is a photographer as well as a marketing executive at Panasonic North America, responsible for business development of the Lumix G series camera system for professional markets. For over 25 years he managed the line of professional photography products, digital lab printers, and pro lab workflow solutions at Fujifilm USA. Tom is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology and has served as a member of the Industry Advisory Board for Professional Photographers of America, the International Center of Photography Presidents Council, and the industry advisory board of the McGhee Distinguished Professor chair for RIT’s Imaging Technology curriculum.

He is a member of the Cameracraftsmen of America and has served on the board of advisors for the Natures Best Foundation, and as a volunteer for the Arts Council of Westchester County, NY and the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital art committee in White Plains, NY.

Duration 45m 16s.


TTIM 93 – Winners of the July 2017 Photo Contest

July 2017 Photo Contest Winners

As you might know, we are doing a monthly photo contest on our Facebook group, The Traveling Image Makers’ Corner. We invite the group members to submit one of their best photographs and, at the end of the month, we pick two winners and invite them to come on the show and tell us about their winning images and their photography.

The winners for the month of July, Tiff Gileland and Dyan Pratt, submitted photos of Sydney and Beijing, respectively. We thought those two stood above the rest, but it was a tough choice, since we got so many amazing submissions. Tiff gave us some good tips for shooting like displays, like the ones of the Vivid festival of Sydney, while Dyan revealed her secrets for getting a shot of the Forbidden City with no tourists in sight.

Would you like to be one of the next guests on the podcast? Head over to our Facebook group, ask to join (if you’re not already a member) and look for the post pinned to the top for instructions. The contest for the month of September is still open, but we intend to do a new contest every month. Let’s see your best travel images!

Duration 30m 34s.


TTIM 92 – Valérie Jardin and Tips for Street Photography

Valérie JardinThis week’s episode sees the return of one of our best friends and one of the first guests we had, back in Episode 8, Valérie Jardin. We wanted to have Valérie back on the show, because she has just published a couple books. The first one is an eBook that is already available for purchase from her site, The Art of Seeing Photographically.

The second one is a “real” paper book that should be available shortly: Street Photography: Creative Vision Behind the Lens. While the latter is all about Valérie’s preferred genre, street photography, the former will certainly be useful to all kinds of photographers, regardless of whether they shoot street, landscape, portrait, or wildlife.

We asked Valérie to give our audience some of the tips and suggestions contained in her new books, including how to go beyond the iconic postcard shot, how to introduce elements of storytelling in your photos and why limitations are important to develop one’s own style. So we think there is something in this interview for everyone, whether you intend to purchase Valérie’s books or not.

Duration 49m 04s.


TTIM 91 – Dan Briški in Slovenia

Dan BriskiOur guest for this episode of the podcast is Dan Briški, who spoke with Ralph about his home country, beautiful Slovenia.

Dan is an expert outdoor photographer. He specialized for mountain- landscape photography in the Alps and spends most of his time in the wilderness searching for the right location and waiting for the perfect light. Although the Alps are his favorite photographic subject and he mainly shoots mountaineering, climbing and other outdoor activities in the mountains, he takes portraits and works on various commercial assignments as well.

He developed his passion for photography when he was a young mountaineer and wanted to bring back home photos that would show landscapes and sceneries he witnessed at their best. What started as a hobby soon turned into something much more.. a profession and a way of life.

His work regularly appears in mountaineering magazines and he exhibitions at home and abroad and has received several FIAP prizes at international salons of photography.

Duration 44m 52s.


TTIM 90 – Anna Gunn and the Porto Photo Fest


Anna Gunn

This week Ralph sat down for a chat with British-born and expat-to-Portugal photographer Anna Gunn.

Anna was born in Birmingham, England, in the 80s. Graduated in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering, but the aerospace industry crash in the beginning of the 21st century forced her to look for other avenues. The passion for the performing arts, especially Stage Lighting, took her to the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, where she graduated in Stage Management and Technical Theatre.

After some time spent on tours and slightly tired of the constant cold and the rain, Anna packed all her stuff and moved to a nicer climate, settling down in Maia, Portugal, in 2009.Since then her journey has taken her on a path to creating the very first Porto Photo Fest due to launch in September 2017.

The Porto Photo Fest is an event where people can learn more than what’s already available online – content that you can’t get anywhere else. This festival will give you the unique opportunity to go deeper into the creative process with a group of  talented and accomplished professionals.

And you’ll do it in a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Porto is a very special place where you can virtually step back in time. There is huge pride in this city, its stories and traditions. Its colour, texture and design make every corner of the city a photographer’s dream backdrop.

Aside from the festival, the conversation touched a number of topics regarding Portugal and the city of Porto, including its culture, food and wine, and the best spots for photography.

Duration 41m 11s.


TTIM 89 – Rick Sammon, the Stephen King of Photography

Rick SammonThis week we have a returning guest on the show, Canon explorer of light, Rick Sammon, a man on a mission to make digital photography fun, creative, exciting and rewarding for others, often called the Godfather of Photography. Since he’s such a prolific author, we also like to call him the Stephen King of Photography.

Of course, we talked with Rick about books, including his latest, good and bad workshop behavior, horror stories about gear breaking down at the most unexpected times, music, vacations, creativity, virtual workshops, Botswana, and too many other topics to mention here.

We are sure you will love listening to Rick and discovering his sense of humor.

Rick was a guest of the podcast on episode 6.

Duration 48m 57s.